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Custom Bags

I absolutely welcome custom orders and love working one-on-one with customers.

Help me create something pictured in your head and uniquely you.

I've got a large stash of fabrics perfect for my yoga bags: heavier and hard-working canvas,

cotton floral and graphics prints, and gorgeous batiks.

Tell me what colors you like and off we'll go!


All custom bags come with adjustable straps, a carabiner to hold your keys, and coordinating beads.

Bags made from new or found fabric will have generous, wrap around pockets.


Upcycled bags will have pockets as I can fit them in without compromising the design.

On upcycled bags made from jackets, original pockets and button rows will be incorporated,

leading to a truly unique look.


Custom bags run the same price as my newer bags at $45, assuming I provide the fabric.

In addition, the pattern of my yoga bags is quite adaptable. I've made custom bags for wooden Native American flutes, flow / fire sticks, and toddler sized mats. Do you have a need for a specially sized bag? Give me a shout and I can make it happen.

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