Frequently Asked Questions

How about a custom order?

Absolutely! I welcome custom and personalized orders. It's great working with a customer to create their perfect bag or item of clothing. See the Custom Orders tab for more information.

How big are the yoga bags?

All of my bags are the same size, approximately 33" long and 6 1/2" across in diameter. This size will fit thicker and longer mats as well so especially if you've got a regular size mat, there is plenty of room for a towel or extra shirt.

What are the care instructions for yoga bags?

Just about all of bags can be machine washed, ironed, and dried on normal cotton settings. There are only a few special fabrics which will need to be dry cleaned but these will be noted in the individual listing. Of course, always remove the beads before washing to avoid damage to the beads or your washer. Plus, they'll make an awful racket. Just unknot the cording and remove the beads.

Do the yoga bags have zippers?

No. I've found with the wider circumference of my bags, it's super easy to roll, stash and pull the corded closure shut. I might add some zippered bags in the future, but at this time, they are not offered.

Will the yoga bags work for a heavier mat such as the Manduka Pro?

Almost all of my bags (and all of the newer ones) have seams which are are reinforced for the heavier mats. If you're using one, please let me know so I can confirm whether the bag you're looking will work. Note that some lighter fabrics will just not be appropriate.