This bag is made from a 100% cotton. This slightly heavier cream cotton bag with red silk screen is really classic looking. I was so lucky to come across a great lady clearing out the old workshop of a previous tenant who had a silk screen business. The patterns are all based on 15th & 16th century French and Italian designs. Very usual but very study. I have several colors of this fabric so holler if you'd like a similar fabric in another color.


  • Roomy enough to accommodate virtually any yoga or exercise mat
  • Fully lined with a coordinating fabric
  • Adjustable strap with quality metal buckle
  • 11” deep wrap-around pocket divided in thirds easily holds a water bottle and wallet
  • Drawstring cord with cord stop embellished with beads to match
  • Convenient loop inside with removable matching carabiner to hold your keys

Red Hand Silk Screened

  • SIZE:

    • 6 ½” diameter
    • Approximately 32” in length
    • Plenty of room inside to carry a small towel and yoga straps along with your standard 24" x 70" mat (or larger)